About Sharon Trembley

Publishing History:

July 2012                        The End of the World Sucks

About the Author:

Sharon Trembley is a New Jersey native, U.S. veteran, someone's mother, lover of math and numbers, a person who cares about animals, and bottle-feeds kittens who grow up believing she's their mama cat.

My Newark Babies, 2011

Years ago, she earned a bachelor's degree in computer science. Since then, Sharon has been involved with a project that was listed on the list of the world’s ten fastest supercomputers for years, and fulfilled her childhood wish to work at the Bell Labs complex in Murray Hill, NJ (research at that historic facility has led to seven Nobel prizes).

Despite all that, Sharon hopes The End of the World Sucks, written for 2011’s National Novel Writing Month, does not read like it was authored by an international business machine.

Please visit the Office of Letters and Light’s web sites (lettersandlight.org) to join authors around the world motivated to write their stories, and to support their fabulous Young Writers’ Program.

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