The End of the World Sucks

The End of the World Sucks

Written during NaNoWriMo 2011, published July, 2012.

Zombies, a Vampire, or her fellow Man - Which is most likely to kill Vanna Ames? Who can she trust? 

After surviving a whole month past the End of the World by hiding and staying quiet, recent college graduate and fashion retail employee, Vanna, luckily finds others who have gathered together as a community for their mutual survival on a college campus. 

Although claiming to be a democratic society, based on the American traditions they hold dear, tempers become frayed, decisions defy logic, and rules are broken. Further emboldened by the lack of society and law, some even gain a sense of entitlement because they are self-labeled heroes.

Now that all the rules have changed, a vampire arrives with a deal - his help for blood. An equally beneficial offer or a Faustian bargain? 

As the community's flaws grow, Vanna must decide whether to stick with her own kind in relative safety, or reject their community service nightmare, risk her life, and appeal to a vampire who claims his only interest is human blood.
This is a post-apocalyptic social drama with zombies and a vampire.  It's more about the people, rather than a zombie novel.

A sequel is in the works.

Disclaimer regarding the following bonus background information for the novel:
I created a private twitter account to tweet as the fictional character Vanna Ames.  I don't really tweet as Vanna.

For other twitter posts, I avoided all obituaries -that's just creepy for me to pick real people.  This novel does have horror elements so circumstances need to be suitably bad.  It is not my intention to make light of any real disaster.

I used real twitter accounts of public entities and people.  I looked at what they've tweeted this past week to attempt to give them a proper (probably subdued) reaction to a zombie apocalypse.  In some circumstances, I copied a tweet they already made since that was truly in their own words and could be applicable to a zombie emergency.


Credit for photos used above: 2012, Shutterstock, Veselovfoto and Glovatskiy and respective owners of those Twitter accounts.

Six Months Later:

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  1. Cant wait for the sequel. Hope there is a sex scene!! Thanos fan girl