Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Is something happening?

Things may now be trundling along  - on the house, not my writing.

Following my last update on Day 30 following the house fire, the insurance company granted permission for a company specializing in short-term housing to find me something and they would pay the rent.

That specialized real estate company called me on Day 30.  Her phone manner did not match the rave reviews I had heard back on Day 1.   They can 'get you in someplace in a day' and 'get you back to living your life'.  Uh, no.  It sounded more like I was being a pain in the ass for having a fire, having a second person (human) in the family not only lives in my house but claims the largest bedroom, and having pets that survived the fire.

So I answered the questions about people and animals with an idea in mind that I don't want a lot in way of live-ability because I don't want to lose a deposit buying someone else's carpet or furniture.   I live with pets, but I understand not everyone else does.  One of my dogs will shed by year end, and it's not pretty.  But ideally, I'd like a fenced yard and the ability to wash clothes.

On Day 34, I received a phone call back from them asking if I was available 'now'.  It was the morning of a work day, and I was working at home since the remaining contents of my house were being packed up to allow for demolition (smoke inside hollow walls - fire smoldered but never got to travel).

So it's my fault for the temp housing delay from Day 34 -> Day 35.  I was shown two houses on Day 35.  Both had laundry; one had a fenced yard.  I can walk my dogs, but the unfenced one had pre-stained carpeting and was really big.  I could imagine a multi-generational family living there, rather than one with a lot of kids due to the generous size of all four bedrooms.

Here's my question about the form I completed when I chose the smaller house - why does it matter if I'm employed and have an acceptable credit level?  I have been out of work, like many others have.  What effect does that have on my house fire and my house insurance company already approving they would make direct payments for my family's temporary housing?   I'm not even a risk in terms of disappearing because there should be awareness that I have a permanent house a town away.

What do they think I do - call up all the cat ladies and invite them over for an evening of the finest boxed wine and cat videos on YouTube?

I filled out their form anyway so I didn't add further to the overall delay. 

On Day 40, I called them to find out what happened.  What happened to tomorrow or the next day?  Since I was under the impression they only showed me houses that would accept -
  1. Growing Angrier Cat Lady 
  2. Mostly Absent College Student 
  3. Barking Dog who generally behaves but must have the last word 
  4. Yodeling Alarm Dog 
  5. Cats (plural) who are all the same color.
Their response - how many pets do you have again?  And what breed are those dogs and their weights? 

I've answered this back on Day 30, and gave them the answers again.

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