Friday, March 28, 2014

Writing Wise

I thought I should do a writing post prior to a downer of a  'remember I had a fire?' post.

I participated in National Novel Writing Month in November after the initial delay because I was given 18 hours to move and then went to sleep.  Then I woke up moody that my life has many things outside of my control, and then wrote a lot to 'show them'.  I don't think 'them' care, but hey I write more words when I think someone says I can't do it.

That was more Vanna (End of the World Sucks series).  I did bring a couple sections to my regular writing group for critique, but then switched back to Neferseshotep because I find that more escapist than zombies and a vampire. 

So Neferseshotep is moving along, and then after dithering I got a membership to the Liberty State Writers' Conference - Create Something Magical in March, I bought one and attended.

The conference was fine.  I was unable to determine ahead of time what the lunch was so I packed one.  I worry a lot about migraine triggers and blogged about that before.  The coffee smell got heavy towards the end because that seemed to be the only drink offered after lunch during the speaker's talk.  

I did well with my appointments to pitch, but during the weekend the insurance company needed some things tout de suite (I love the way toot sweet sounds) that was going to take me hours to assemble so I owe synopses and manuscript pages still.  Which might be why I'm writing a blog post, after I completed my new tsunami of paperwork.

And I'm not totally unhelpful.  One of my dining companions at the conference mentioned what her daughter studied and was now a French pastry chef.   Imagine my lower lip thrusting out at that because the week prior to the conference, I assisted my daughter while she was home for spring break collecting moss. 

French pastry > snow-covered moss in cemeteries

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