Tuesday, March 27, 2012

And she's back to talking about the cats

Back to the cats because that makes me as attractive as writing about math.
I am involved with a cat rescue group.  I’d rate myself as Crazy Cat Lady, as opposed to CRAZY Cat Lady.   I currently have an embarrassing number of cats in the house, besides my one cat and two dogs.  Number unspecified on purpose ;^)

Anyway, every time I want to say ‘no’, there’s some sad story and these little guys end up fostered in my house.

I have a bottle baby from 2007 that was left in a cardboard box marked ‘free kittens’ outside a grammar school.  The girls in it were only two weeks old, so not on solid food yet.  I have another lady cat that was born at my local Petco in 2008.  Her mother was left in a cat carrier in the back of the store giving birth, and I got a call to go pick them up.

There’s a neurologically impaired cat that visited my house that likes hanging beneath my desk and fighting shadows in the bath tub.  She's gone back to her original foster house to have more opportunity to be observed.  She may be developing more problems, and I'm not home enough (a job and a half outside the home) to give her the attention she needs.

So last year, I was minding my own business on a Friday morning when I got an email regarding bottle baby kittens with a dead mother in Newark, and through the back and forth the story kept getting worse – the mother was poisoned, maybe with antifreeze, one kitten was already dead, they thought there was three kittens left and someone was on their way to get them and bring them to me.  I got all worked up because the rest of the kittens could die on me if they had the milk from the mother after she drank the antifreeze.  Well, I took one adult cat to an adoption that night, and the delivery was made – it wasn’t three kittens, it was seven!  Not all of them have found a home yet, so I have these wild teenage cats that think I’m their mama all over me.  They’re very loving, so I’m not sure why their fur-ever home is taking so long.

The good thing about this rescue group (and many others) is there’s no time limit put on these cats finding a home.  They’ll stay with us, get fed, live in a warm house, go to the vet, and go to adoption events till that special person finds them.

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