Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Web Presence Established

Establish a web presence outside of playing games on Facebook … check.

And GoodReads - let me tell you about GoodReads. I want to update my account with books I've read, but the recommendations sound so good, that I'm adding more books to my 'to read' shelf than to 'already read' shelf.

I’ve even opened a Twitter account, and possibly could tweet about more than cats.

I did mention politics in my first blog post.  It is a big election year, and I was unemployed for two out of the past four.  I don’t really see party because there are so many issues, and there is no perfect candidate for me even on my top issues.  There’s many months to go, so I’ll keep checking the news for anything that’s a positive influence.  The negative influences are depressing.

So about my writing, which is why this blog exists ...

My first original novel, The End of the World Sucks -

My entry into this year’s Amazon Breakthough got turned down during the first stage – the pitch.  That means my 300 words about what my book’s about didn’t make the cut.  I did gain a coupon for a free proof copy of my book, including shipping, and that expires the end of March.

That’s okay.  I got another contest lined up, and I can work on minor edits for the rest of the month because the deadline is not until April 1st.  Works out good with that printed proof from ABNA/CreateSpace.

I also have an appt to consult about my book with The Book Doctors, Arielle Eckstut and David Henry Sterry, in April, or at least that's how I plan on spending my twenty minutes on the phone with them. 

I have another coupon from CreateSpace for being a NaNoWriMo winner (National Novel Writing Month) for five print copies and I pay the shipping that expires in June.

This past weekend, I went to an amazingly informative meeting regarding self-publishing.  It’s an option that sounds like a lot of work.  I'll keep that in mind for now.

And after all that, I signed up for both sessions of Camp NaNo – June and August.  I even filled in titles and one sentence plots so I don’t forget what I plan on working on.  I currently have four ideas for other novels.  One involves becoming an expert on Theodore Roosevelt and his time or enough to wing it convincingly, so I can’t work on that yet, though I did play around and made a partial front page for a newspaper.

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