Sunday, March 11, 2012

Establishing a Blog

I don’t know.   I’m told all writers should have a blog and frequently update it.

Now that I’ve submitted my 2011 NaNo work The End of the World Sucks to the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award contest, I suppose I’m now serious.  I did spend a lot of time writing and editing, and joined groups that told me all authors need to have a web presence.

Here’s the problem that I see – everyone has different opinions.  What if I express something that goes so against a person’s beliefs they never want to read anything by me again?   Perhaps I am more sensitive to this now that I realize I know someone who believes Global Warming is a hoax.

I’m not sure how surprised I should be because she has always expressed strong conservative political beliefs, and this discovery came about because I was lamenting that Jon Huntsman was no longer a candidate – the sole Republican that believes there is something to Global Warming.

Like we’re seeing with politicians, there is never going to be universal agreement on all talking points.

Since I hang my clothes out, take the inside ladybugs for a ride on a piece of paper, try not to chemically treat my yard to uniform perfection, and like most animals, I was already on the environmental track.  Now, my daughter is getting ready to study Conservation Biology or some other flavor if she goes to a different college, and will settle for nothing less than saving the world.  So I’m not going to buckle and say maybe not at this point, no matter how eloquently someone explains that Global Warming is a hoax perpetrated by the scientific community at large.  Let’s face it, I want my daughter well-employed, so we can go get a lovely hobby farm, and raise Nigerian dwarf goats.

In that way, we are conservatives.  I’m only aware of Ron Paul saying it, and I’m paraphrasing here, that the ability to buy raw milk should be left up to the consumer.  Big government can’t watch out for everything and if the sale of raw hamburger meat is legal, why not milk?  I do know unpasteurized milk contains pathogens, but the people that find its health benefits outweigh the dangers should be allowed to buy and drink it, along with local farmers, meeting guidelines regarding the health of their livestock and collection methods, be allowed to sell fresh milk.

So there’s blog post one, except I need to add some pirates, ninjas, vampires and zombies now.  There we go.  Oh, and cats.  I like cats.  I also have two dogs.

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