Thursday, July 12, 2012

Psychological Claptrap, not Science

An interesting article regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) from the Cleveland Clinic -
Since the body (I guess mine is inferred here) does not produce antibodies then it must be a psychological problem?   
I am a migraine sufferer since early childhood.  It was not until my 20s that it was officially diagnosed because it is rare for children to have migraines.  Throughout my life, I’ve also gotten sinus headaches, which were usually triggered by my crying over the pain of a migraine.  For years, I was told I was ‘faking it’ so I could crawl under my bed to be in the dark, or lie face down on the cool tile floor in the bathroom waiting for my headache to reach the point where I could throw up.
Within the field of migraine medicine, it is known that olfactory triggers are possible.  My migraine does not produce antibodies either, but when I was at the doctor’s office for something else, I had a migraine and enough physical symptoms at the time to get the diagnosis I had waited for years to validate I was not ‘faking it’.
Even when I do not have headaches, I have olfactory auras at times.  It’s odd things that I smell when it’s not present - like waves of vinegar scent at my local Petco while I’m sitting at cat adoptions.
I know my migraines can be triggered by chemicals such as benzene, lead, acetone, benzyl whatever, oxybenzone, diethyl phthalate,  acetate, carbon monoxide, paraffin, and probably at least a dozen others – not natural smelly things like skunk odor or scooping the cat pan.  I’m sensitive to the chemicals that cause central nervous system disorders or hormone disruption.
Why are people that notice these in their environment being labeled as having a psychological disorder? 
And if someone really needs a physical symptom, I got petechia (blood vessels bursting leaving pinkish red dots, mostly beneath my eyes and also on the whites of my eyes) when I was pregnant and avoiding all medication.  How do I fake that shit?  Some of those dots are still on my body.
So I think the so-called experts don’t want to admit that there is a growing number of unsafe chemicals in the everyday environment that will effect some people quicker than others – wait, I’m in the canary group? – and will say ‘oh no, who knew?’ when there’s extensive chromosomal and nervous conditions that can be linked back to these same chemicals that are considered unsafe and banned in other countries.
Just remember, there’s still groups out there lobbying that second hand smoke poses no health risk – Heartland Institute, the same non-profit that says climate change is not occurring, hydraulic fracking is perfectly safe, genetically engineered crops are progress, endorses no regulation or inspection by government agencies, privatization of public services, deregulation of health care, free-market environmentalism, supporting ideas that empower people, and financing political campaigns if the results could cause a major setback to their national effort ($612k for pro-Walker in Wisconsin recall).
That last bit should have been left up to the people of Wisconsin.

I do enjoy living in a bi-partisan state, where even Chris Christie and Cory Booker can appear in the same YouTube video.  They are both capable of saying more than 'no' and 'never'.  One says it plainly, while the other tweets back 140 characters of poetry.

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