Monday, June 11, 2012

Back to Animals

There have been numerous news stories about PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.   I like the news re: PETA because they expose something that’s been murmured in the animal rescue community for years – just that people at large pay more attention to naked celebrities.  Naked Celebrities = Good = PETA Good too?

Being a numbers person, on top of the cat lady thing, I would like to hear about all the good PETA does with the donations.  And based on my previous corporate experience, animal charities rarely get matching donations, so I suspect many of these donations come from the heart, rather than donors wishing to see more naked celebrities.

The horrible fact is that PETA destroys 97% of the animals they rescue.  They report their adoption to euthanize ratio since they operate as a shelter in the state of Virginia with a closed-door policy.  It has no public hours allowing anyone to adopt these animals.  They are brought in, killed, and carted away by a waste management company.

A portion of these animals must be adoptable.  PETA does film in questionable circumstances in order to close other facilities.  Were they better off where they were, or in PETA’s hands? 

Some claim PETA’s agenda is to outlaw pets.  Animals were never meant to live in close proximity with people, and they are better off dead than living a lifetime of suffering servitude.    

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