Thursday, June 28, 2012

Consumers' Choice

Even though I started blogging by saying there will never be universal agreement, and I'll probably end up offending someone, I feel it's safe to say GoDaddy has earned the ire of enough people that I can blog about them.

GoDaddy is a company that doesn’t deliver naked celebrities, and it’s not even a charity.  I do feel it’s worth mentioning because I was at an author event, and one author claimed she is very happy with the service she receives from Go Daddy.   

Now this was in the past month, so it’s in the post-SOPA is defeated world, so I was a little surprised that someone is tooting the horn of GoDaddy – but then when I was rambling on about what SOPA was or could have been (never heard of it), she didn’t even know Wikipedia went dark for a day – ‘Impossible!’

But GoDaddy was on the radar before SOPA.  GoDaddy’s CEO, Bob Parsons, killed an elephant because he could afford to be a modern-day Hemingway, and don’t worry PETA did get on his ass.

I think Time’s blog at the time does an excellent job nailing all the wrongness of it -

And I’m no Hemingway scholar, but I vaguely recall Hemingway regretted the killing later in life (or just the plot The Old Man and the Sea?) and found his true love in a many-toed housecat.

As a consumer that knows that a portion of my fees would go towards the profitability of this company and paying his salary, I can take a stance and decide not to give GoDaddy my business. 

I can also do that with Subway - Michael Vick was named their sportsman of the year.  And really, I would love a $5 foot long, but I can easily choose to be a WaWa customer.

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