Saturday, June 2, 2012

Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

9 out of 10.

I liked this novel better than The Clockwork Angel.

The Villain.

Though unseen, has become more villainous in this book.  He is no longer some random mundane who knows too much and full of ideas.  He’s had years of planning and is fueled by a vendetta.

The Love Triangle. 

Will is exposed (to the reader) as a person living with a dangerous secret which results in his behavior to keep anyone from getting close to him.  He’s not a bad boy; he’s really a good guy.

 Jem is still tragic, but he is now ready to stop being so self-sacrificing and use his remaining time with Tessa – if she’ll have him.

Will also reaches a similar sort of decision regarding Tessa.  He wants her – if she’ll have him, but will he tell her before Jem makes his intentions known? 

The problem for me is that I’m not too keen on books where all suitable males fall in love with the heroine.  It’s taken two novels to get here, and Tessa is ignorant enough to be unaware she’s in the midst of a triangle (hopefully not to grow into a bigger polygon) so I’ll resist putting Tessa in the Bella/Sookie mold.

Further plot/drama.

Other characters have lives outside of the love triangle, and their problems are not trivial.  I like that.

There were some plotpoints that I didn’t understand the relevance of, but they were minor.

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