Friday, June 29, 2012

The End of the World Sucks

I'm working on all the different versions to get my novel out in various versions.

Old school paper, Kindles, iPad/Pods/Phones, Sony and Kobo.  The only person I know closely that has an eReader has a Nook so I made the special effort to go right to PubIt on Barnes and Noble, rather than using Smashwords as many do.  I also did make a Smashwords edition to get it outside the Nook, Kindle and printed paper - it's meat grinding as I type this.

Actually, it's done.  Huh - I passed.  Where's all the tales of gloom and doom and cries of 'The Meat Grinder!'?  It appears it is already for sale through Smashwords too -

I'm not pushing a preference for SW in particular, just surprised it's so quick compared to the holding pattern I'm in with Kindle and Nook.

I will say the printed word gets the nicest formatting with little biohazard symbols as scene breaks.  The digital versions have to settle for a double carriage return.  

The printed version will be available on Amazon after I receive my ordered copies, and I'll be opting for all countries they allow it to be offered in.  

I'm working on a page for this site specific to the book for pre-prologue.  A couple of my advance reviewers seemed to have a conniption that a zombie book not starting at the moment of infection is a rip-off.  However, since my protagonist isn't a scientist or modeling to be a future action figure - she's intentionally normal - Vanna hiding, losing electricity, and bemoaning the loss of cell phone and internet service is not going to win readers.

In fact, this isn't much of a zombie book - it's more like a book that has zombies and a vampire, but it's really about the living, breathing people.

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